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Treebank Semantics —
Meaning Representations from Treebanks

What is Treebank Semantics?

Treebank Semantics is an implemented system that automatically derives meaning representations of quality from treebank annotations. The central component is a system of calculation for a small formal language with respect to a structured information state. Inputs to the system are expressions of the formal language obtained from the conversion of parsed treebank data. Outputs are predicate logic based meaning representations. There is a manual that describes the approach and implementation in detail.

The system is distributed freely.

To see ready made examples, web based interfaces are provided to the following parsed corpora:

These parsed corpora provide a testing ground for the system, with meaning representations built automatically by the system from treebank files.


Development is funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).


Feedback is extremely welcome. Please email: ajb129 __AT__ hotmail __DOT__ com.

Getting started

The core program is implemented in Prolog and requires a working ECLiPSe Constraint Programming System. Another requirement is to have stanford-tregex.jar.

After download, run the do_it command located in the ./bin folder.

do_it takes parse tree input from stdin and sends its calculations to stdout. do_it has the following flags:

--discourse|-d) treat input as single discourse
--debug) debug <normalised_expr> creation
--basic|-s) return <normalised_expr> (that is, input for run_ts2 or term_ts2)
--norm|-1) print <normalised_expr>
--sct|-2) print <sct_expr> (this is the default output mode)
--raw|-3) print <target_expr> with <drs_expr> structures
--drs|-4) print final <target_expr>
--conjec*) return TPTP conjecture
--axiom|--tptp|-t) return TPTP axiom(s)
--flo*) return FLOTTER output
--clause|-c) return clause representation
--cdebug|-cdebug) debug clause representation
--craw|-craw) see XML used to create clause representation
--raw|-r|--xml|-x) return raw XML
--native) skip parse_modify
*) show this message concerning available options

Last updated: December 19, 2018