12   Prenominals (PNL)

The class of prenominals (PNL) is comprised of those rentaisi that don't function as determiners. These do not normally head phrasal categories, but rather appear directly under NP. For details about the phrasal category PNLP, see section 19. Here is a list of some common prenominals, some of which are attested in the corpus:

ただの, ずぶの, まったくの, まるっきりの, たいした, とんだ, れっきとした, ふとした, だいそれた, いろんな, ひょんな, いわゆる, たんなる, なだたる, あらぬ, よからぬ, おもわぬ, みちならぬ, あるまじき, きたるべき, あしき, よき, くしき, はずべき, とんでもない, おのいがけない, おおきな, ちいさな, おかしな

Although none of the items above can be used as predicates in a main or adverbial clause, some PNLs (notably おおきな, ちいさな, おかしな) can head relative clauses modifying a N corresponding to the NP-SBJ in a double-subject construction: 目が大きな子犬.