SUSANNETS treebank

Author: Alastair Butler


SUSANNETS is a conversion of Geoffrey Sampson's SUSANNE Corpus to the annotation scheme of the Treebank Semantics Parsed Corpus (TSPC).

This increases the availability of high quality syntactic parsed analyses for testing the generation of predicate logic based meaning representations with Treebank Semantics.

Highlights include:

The parsed data, and further results of analysis (e.g., derived indexing, word dependencies, generated semantic representations), are made accessible through a web based interface.

You are invited to:


One is permitted to take copies of the SUSANNE Corpus and use it for any purpose, and these same privileges extend to this conversion.


Development for this conversion was funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). I should like to gratefully acknowledge the original work of Geoffrey Sampson and the team at Sussex University as creators of the SUSANNE Corpus with sponsorship from the Economic and Social Research Council (UK). As a conversion, the current work is derivative. But if problems are found, then they are solely the responsibility of this conversion work. Please consider reporting any problems to: ajb129 __AT__ hotmail __dot__ com.