The Keyaki Treebank




Manual (English)

Manual (日本語)




The Keyaki Treebank is a parsed corpus that aims to instantiate a coherent descriptive grammar of the Japanese language, allowing searches for a wide variety of grammatical phenomena.

We hope this resource offers a useful foundation for research into understanding and processing Japanese.

What's new?

  • Initial release of the corpus data and manual.

Highlights include:

  • Bracketed constituent structure
  • Assignments of grammatical role and function
  • Zero elements
  • Accessible to search by Tregex, CorpusSearch, etc.
  • Supports generating predicate logic based meaning representations with Treebank Semantics

For an instant way to see the annotation, a bracketed tree fragment can be entered into the following text area. Clicking "Submit" triggers the search.

Questions or comments? Please click here to raise a github issue.