2   List of tags

This section lists all tag labels used.

2.1   Part-of-speech tags

QUOT      quote
-LRB-     left bracket
-RRB-     right bracket
PU        punctuation

ADJI      い-adjective
ADJN      な-adjective
ADV       adverb
AX        auxiliary verb (including copula)
AXD       auxiliary verb, past tense
CL        classifier
CONJ      coordinating conjunction
D         determiner
FW        foreign word
INTJ      interjection
MD        modal element
N         noun
NEG       negation
NPR       proper noun
NUM       numeral
P         particle
PASS      passive
PNL       prenominal
PRO       pronoun
Q         quantifier
QN        noun with quantifier
SYM       symbol
VB        verb (or verb stem)
VB0       light verb
VB2       secondary verb
WADV      indeterminate adverb
WD        indeterminate determiner
WNUM      indeterminate numeral
WPRO      indeterminate pronoun

2.2   Syntactic tags

ADVP            adverb phrase
CONJP           conjunction phrase
CP-EXL          exclamative
CP-FINAL        projection for sentence final particle
CP-QUE          question (direct or indirect)
CP-THT          complementizer clause
FRAG            fragment
FRAG-IMP        imperative with fragment
FS              false start
INTJP           interjection phrase
IP-ADV          adverbial clause
IP-EMB          gapless noun-modifying clause
IP-IMP          imperative clause
IP-SMC          small clause
IP-MAT          matrix clause
IP-REL          relative clause
IP-SUB          clause under CP* layer
IP-NML          nominalized clause
multi-sentence  multiple sentence
NML             intermediate nominal layer
NP              noun phrase
NP-ADV          adverbial noun phrase
NP-LGS          logical subject noun phrase
NP-LOC          locational noun phrase
NP-MSR          measure noun phrase
NP-OB1          noun phrase first object
NP-OB2          noun phrase second object
NP-PRD          predicate noun phrase
NP-SBJ          noun phrase subject
NP-SBJ2         noun phrase second subject
NP-TMP          temporal noun phrase
NP-TPC          topic noun phrase
NP-VOC          vocative noun phrase
NUMCLP          numeral-classifier phrase
PNLP            prenominal phrase
PP              particle phrase
PP-PRP          purpositive particle phrase
PRN             parenthetical

2.3   Specifications of clause linkage

CND      conditional
SCON     subordinate conjunction
CONJ     coordinate conjunction

2.4   Other tags

CODE     code
LS       list item
LST      list
META     meta information