17   Intermediate nominal layers (NML)

Outside of the non-clausal coordination scenario (see section 28 for details), NPs do not stack up in this annotation scheme. When there is an absolute need of having an intermediate noun phrase, NML is used. This only occurs when either (i) there is a modifier which modifies a coordinated element, or (ii) when a coordinated element is followed by an appositive quantificational phrase. Below are two examples of the first scenario.


( (IP-MAT (PP (NP (PP (NP (N 磁石))
                      (P の))
                  (NML (CONJP (NP (N N極))
                              (P と))
                       (NP (N S極))))
              (P が))
          (NP-SBJ *が*)
          (VB 引き合う)
          (PU .))
  (ID 2501_dict_vv-lexicon))


( (IP-MAT (PP (NP (NPR 釜石市))
              (P は))
          (NP-SBJ *)
          (IP-ADV (PP (NP (IP-REL (NP-SBJ *T*)
                                  (PP (NP (N 特産品))
                                      (P を))
                                  (NP-OB1 *を*)
                                  (VB 使っ)
                                  (AXD た))
                          (NML (CONJP (NP (N 弁当))
                                      (P や))
                               (NP (N 菓子))))
                      (P を))
                  (NP-OB1 *を*)
                  (VB 開発)
                  (VB0 し))
          (PU 、)
          (PP (NP (PP (NP (N 食))
                      (P の))
                  (N 魅力)
                  (N 発信))
              (P に))
          (VB 努める)
          (PU 。))
  (ID 21_news_KAHOKU_1917))

The second scenario is exemplified below:


                                  (ADJN 中立的)
                                  (AX な))
                          (N 立場))
                      (P の))
                  (NML (CONJP (NP (N 素粒子物理学者))
                              (P や))
                       (NP (N 経済学者)))
                  (N ら)
                  (PRN (NP;* (NUMCLP (NUM 10)
                                     (CL 人))
                             (N 程度))))
              (P で))
          (NP-SBJ *で*)
          (IP-ADV (NP-OB1 *pro*)
                  (VB 構成)
                  (VB0 し))
          (CONJ *)
          (PP (NP (N 計画))
              (P を))
          (NP-OB1 *を*)
          (VB 検証)
          (VB0 する)
          (PU 。))
  (ID 24_news_KAHOKU_89))